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Tennessee Holiday

During holiday seasons, we all have our personal way of spending it extraordinarily. Most people love to travel via airplanes or cruise ships to see wonderful places and learn more about each country's historic events and traditions. For others, holiday is not complete without feeling the blistering heat of the sun and swimming all day long. But people who decided to spend their vacation in Pigeon Forge have other reasons.

Tennessee Vacation

Pigeon Forge is situated in the Great Smoky Mountains where it is bounded by the beautiful natural surroundings. It is fresh and green everywhere. It is a small but pleasing town, which can make you not remember the stressful life in the big city. You may feel like you are in a paradise-like place and you may never want to go back to your busy life again.

Being in the heart of a healthy environment, accommodation styles in Pigeon Forge is quite different. Giant steel or glass buildings are rather obsolete. They use woods to make cabins and cottages that provide the tourists an authentic room to live in. Such cabins are complete in facilities and are good enough to contend with other deluxe hotels if modifications will be considered.

This fabulous place is best for wedding events making the newlyweds remember this momentous occasion for the rest of their lives. Others also visit this place to have a full package family retreat which include attractive tours via helicopter, go carting, and rafting. You may also want to enjoy horse-back riding, trekking and the Titanic Museum, etc. Pigeon Forge has a wide variety of sumptuous meals of southern cuisine while enjoying the medley of good music.

There are several reasons why you should go to Pigeon Forge. But there are six Pigeon Forge attractions that remain to be very interesting. These are perfect for all tourists of all ages.

A very entertaining theme park such as Dollywood is best for family bonding. Children may enjoy variety of shows and carnivals. It is the most attractive area in Pigeon Forge and remains to be the number one choice of most vacationers.

NASCAR Speedpark in Smoky Mountain is another place where a family can have fun-filled activities. It may be costly but it is worth the price. There were many rides like bumper boats, arcades and a pro-tow.

A recently added attraction is the Pigeon Forge Titanic. The museum was opened last April 8, 2010 and the design was taken from the most famous sunken ship in1912, the Titanic.

A comedy theater which showcases outstanding performances by local stand-up comedians is still one of the most successful bars in town. The shows portray the cultures and beliefs in Tennessee and comparing it in other places within the country.

The Jamboree is best enjoyed by people who love dancing shows. You can find here diverse types of native cuisines.

Fabulous classic cars are found in Smoky Mountain Car Museum. Corvettes, Cadillac's as well as Aston Martin are the most numerous among the collection.

Tennessee Holiday